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Apr '09

Old Brand New lecture series in Amsterdam (May 14)

Thursday, the 14th of May, 20.30 hrs

New Idealism with the Otolith Group and Marianne van Kerkhoven

Stadsschouwburg, Leidseplein 26, Amsterdam

Bookings via www.ssba.nl.
Tickets € 8, passe partout 4 lectures € 28, passe partout 7 lectures € 42.

The Old Brand New is a lecture series revolving around the concept ‘new’ in the arts, held from January to September 2009 on a monthly basis in the Stadsschouwburg in Amsterdam. The lecture series is an initiative of de Appel arts centre, If I Can’t Dance, I Don’t Want To Be Part Of Your Revolution, Research Group Art Practice and Development at the Amsterdam School of the Arts, LISA, Studium Generale of the Gerrit Rietveld Academie, DAI / Master Programme / ArtEZ Institute of the Arts and Stadsschouwburg Amsterdam.

On the 14th of May, the theme is New Idealism with presentations by the Otolith Group, represented by Kodwo Eshun and Anjalika Sagar, and Marianne van Kerkhoven.

Upcoming lectures:

New Beauty, 22 June 2009, with Marina Warner and Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster.
What is New?, 15 September 2009, with Dick Hebdige and Keith Sawyer.

Visit www.theoldbrandnew.nl for more information.

Apr '09

k-salon April 17 Berlin

In cooperation with the estonian art academy Tallinn, Estonia, Schloss Broellin and the k-salon the Performance Art Studies GRASS ‘N ASPHALT led my BBB Johannes Deimling will take part from the 10. – 18. April with eleven international participants. On the 17th of April 2009, at 7 pm we will present the results, which we have developed during the working week in Broellin at k-salon, Bergmannstrasse 54, 10961 Berlin (U-Suedstern). Beside the final performances we will screen videos from the working period at Schloss Bröllin.

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Mar '09

Performance Art Studies with BBB Johannes Deimling 2009

Performance artist and educator BBB Johannes Deimling will be conducting workshops and providing other creative opportunities this summer in the following locations: Bröllin – Berlin – Dresden – Radom – Montreal – Prague – ‘s-Hertogenbosch

From the press release…

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Jan '09


FLUXCONCERT is presenting a two-evening performance of historic Fluxus event scores written by Fluxus pioneer George Brecht.

More info below and at http://www.fluxconcert.org

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Jan '09

Second International Festival on Performance Art (due Feb 5)

Taking place May 15-30 in Athens, Greece, this festival, is now accepting proposals for performances based upon pre-existing art works or performances. These can be re-enactments, recreations, comments or even projects inspired/influenced by work made by others. Additionally, researchers, scholars and artists are invited to submit short papers around the topic of RE-THINK/RE-USE/RE-MAKE.

complete press release below…

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Jan '09

Grace Exhibition Space

…a Gallery for Performance Art in Brooklyn, NYC is looking for submissions for March-November, 2009

Stipend for travel & materials available, as well as one week accommodation.

The space is seeking Performance Artists with at least 5 years experience in exhibiting Performance Art.

Please send submissions to: gracexhibitionspace@yahoo.com

more info

via press release from:
Jill McDermid
Director, Grace exhibition Space
Brooklyn, NY

Feb '07

An Opportunity or a Risk? When performance art becomes part of art history

(A Report on Hong Kong Performance Art Research Project) Parallel to Hong Kong On the Move Performance Art project launched in April 2005, I started a research project on Hong Kong performance art in collaboration with a group of artists involved in the project. The research consisted of latitudinal and longitudinal studies of the development of the art form in Hong Kong. By inviting artists who are currently active in the field to conduct interviews with each other, their experience of performance art has been shared, recorded and accumulated. Also, extensive documentation of performances, talks and seminars in the 18-month On the Move project has developed a broad range of audiovisual materials of the art form in the AAA’s collection. Last but not least, a chronology of Hong Kong performance art has been constructed by collating related materials in attempt to trace its development since the mid 70s.

Leung Poshan Anthony Project 226 Mok Chu-yu

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Jun '06

PSi #12 Attendee Blog, “Day Two”

Friday, 16 June, 2006

The morning started with a breakfast meeting of the Food and Performance working group. It was suggested that a bi-monthly email list would be created. Myron announced that his CFP on Food and/as Performance has a deadline of 1 April. Richard Gough offered to host an online Food and Performance journal. A discussion was also had on performance as related to a way to deal with eating disorders, using food to meeting people/as a bridge, and the democracy and politics of food.

The first panel I attended was Memory Rites with Laurie Beth Clark, Catherine Cole, Rebecca Schneider and Sandra Richards.
Laurie Beth looked at several sites of tragedy including slave forts in Africa, concentration camps, and Hiroshima and Nagasaki. She plans to do further field research in Rwanda and Cambodia. Her focus is on what she calls desecrated ground. She is not trying to suggest equivalence of genocides. Catherine discussed her work with the Truth and Reconciliation Commission in South Africa. She felt its success was that it was more ritual and oral history than trial. She also likened it to a rite of passage, a transformation. She also noted that externally the project was seen as helpful, while internally it was regarded with ambivalence. Sandra then presented her work concerning memory as identity producing, specifically citing the yearly conclave of the Gulla in South Carolina and Georgia. Rebecca presented her work on monuments and the act of witnessing or passing by.

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Jun '06

PSi #12 Attendee Blog, “Day One”

Thursday, 15 June, 2006

This morning I had breakfast and while I was finishing my tea, Mathew Goulish and Lin Hixson came in for breakfast and so I took the opportunity to visit with them. They were joined by Myron and Carol. We had a nice conversation and I learned that Goat Island is working on a new piece and that they will be touring in Germany later this year.

After breakfast I had some time to review which panels I would be attending and then it was off to the opening plenary. The Red Ladies performed a call to conference in which they mingled in the square outside the People’s Palace. They must have caused a bit of a stir with the unsuspecting security officers, because I saw an officer
speaking to an otherwise stoically silent Red Lady and she was gesturing towards the People’s Palace as if to say, “it’s okay, I’m just a performer.” He seemed to be satisfied with whatever she said to him because it wasn’t a very long conversation and he let her and her cohorts carry on.

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Jun '06

PSi #12 Attendee Blog, “Registration”

Wednesday, 14 June, 2006

This blog is intended to serve three main goals: 1) it is designed to be a first hand account of the conference for those who are unable to attend; 2) with the multitude of talks, panels and performances to attend, this blog can offer an alternate viewpoint from which other delegates can engage with the conference; and 3) it is after all merely a record of how I personally engaged with PSi#12 and the things I thought and the questions that were raised for me. Please feel free to post your own blog/viewpoint (click on “submit writing” “contact us” in the left column) and also to make comments.
Upon arrival to Queen Mary University of London, which was easy to reach from the Mile End train station, I checked into my accommodation and proceeded to register for the conference. Registration was held at the People’s Palace. I would come to find out that the building, as the rest of Queen Mary was established as a place for the people
to have a concert hall, picture galleries, botanic gardens, and more. So it is in the spirit of philanthropy and community that the twelfth Performance Studies international conference is convened at Queen Mary in the East End of London.

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