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Feb '07

An Opportunity or a Risk? When performance art becomes part of art history

(A Report on Hong Kong Performance Art Research Project) Parallel to Hong Kong On the Move Performance Art project launched in April 2005, I started a research project on Hong Kong performance art in collaboration with a group of artists involved in the project. The research consisted of latitudinal and longitudinal studies of the development […]

May '06

Club Raw Review

Crossing all kinds of boundaries Club Raw Guillermo Gomex-Pena / Centre for Performance Research The Castle Theatre, Aberystwyth July 26, 2003 Throughout his career in performance art, Mexican-American theatre artist Guillermo Gomez-Pena has explored the experience of border-crossing, the cultural and symbolic space of the border zone. In his recent sojourn in Aberystwyth, sponsored by […]

May '06

Navel gazing ruled out as Indonesians button up

By Mark Forbes Herald Correspondent in Jakarta February 25, 2006 ROCKING in a pink swing fashioned from the cab of a pedal-driven rickshaw, Agus Suwage felt at peace. He had just installed his Pinkswing Park exhibit at Jakarta’s international biennale and was surrounded by massive panels with multiple pictures of a near-naked man and woman […]

Oct '05

“Building Primal Bonds,” By David Chew

IF ARTIST Michael Lee told you that we love buildings because they remind us of our mother’s womb, would you think he was crazy? Lee’s latest work, NOTES TOWARDS A CORPOREAL CITY, aims to show precisely that. It is part of ASIAN TRAFFIC, a touring exhibition that will showcase 10 of the most significant Asian […]