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Jul '09

Antony Gormley’s ‘One & Other’

“Twenty-four hours a day for 100 straight days, different people will join kings and generals high atop London’s Trafalgar Square [to occupy the empty Fourth Plinth], becoming, if only for an hour, a living monument … this elevation of everyday life to the position formerly occupied by monumental art allows us to reflect on the […]

Jun '06

PSi #12 Attendee Blog, “Day Two”

Friday, 16 June, 2006 The morning started with a breakfast meeting of the Food and Performance working group. It was suggested that a bi-monthly email list would be created. Myron announced that his CFP on Food and/as Performance has a deadline of 1 April. Richard Gough offered to host an online Food and Performance journal. […]

Jun '06

PSi #12 Attendee Blog, “Day One”

Thursday, 15 June, 2006 This morning I had breakfast and while I was finishing my tea, Mathew Goulish and Lin Hixson came in for breakfast and so I took the opportunity to visit with them. They were joined by Myron and Carol. We had a nice conversation and I learned that Goat Island is working […]

Jun '06

PSi #12 Attendee Blog, “Registration”

Wednesday, 14 June, 2006 Preface: This blog is intended to serve three main goals: 1) it is designed to be a first hand account of the conference for those who are unable to attend; 2) with the multitude of talks, panels and performances to attend, this blog can offer an alternate viewpoint from which other […]

May '06

Club Raw Review

Crossing all kinds of boundaries Club Raw Guillermo Gomex-Pena / Centre for Performance Research The Castle Theatre, Aberystwyth July 26, 2003 Throughout his career in performance art, Mexican-American theatre artist Guillermo Gomez-Pena has explored the experience of border-crossing, the cultural and symbolic space of the border zone. In his recent sojourn in Aberystwyth, sponsored by […]