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Mar '09

Performance Art Studies with BBB Johannes Deimling 2009

Performance artist and educator BBB Johannes Deimling will be conducting workshops and providing other creative opportunities this summer in the following locations: Bröllin – Berlin – Dresden – Radom – Montreal – Prague – ‘s-Hertogenbosch

From the press release…

In cooperation with international organizations in Germany, Poland, the Netherlands and Czech Republic, performance artist and educator BBB Johannes Deimling will be offering various performance art workshops and opportunities in 2009. These workshops will investigate the focal questions and practices of performance art work through practical and theoretical exercises and talks, and the results of these workshops will be presented in the context of internationally recognized performance art events and festivals.

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The center of the workshop focuses on self-perception and communication with the body in performance. Self perception and experience characterize the feeling in dealing with the body, time and space in performance art, as well as in ordinary communication. To understand the body as a tool, and to learn to use this tool in communication, is the main goal of these workshops. In addition to practical and theoretical studio teachings, participants will have the experience of connecting with other artists and the larger performance art community.

Performance art is always speaking about the present, is looking for debate and wants dialogue. Performance Art burgeons in the mind and in contact with others. Performance Art has an own language and own aesthetics, and as an art form, is constantly developing its signs and medias. It breaks with tradition, rejects it, renews it, refers to itself, presents new ways…and breaks it again. The method is interactive: The intermediation of performance art with the medias of performance art. The participants experiment, reflect, test, have a first-hand experience with the body, and work through a personal approach to this artform.

The workshops:

10.-18. April 2009 Bröllin/Berlin, Germany
8 days workshop with final presentation in Berlin in cooperation with estonian art academy, Schloss Bröllin and the Performer Stammtisch
Deadline for applications: 5. April 2009
www.broellin.de /// www.artun.ee /// www.performerstammtisch.de

27. July – 7. August 2009 Dresden, Germany
10 days workshop with final presentation in Motorenhalle, Dresden in cooperation with the 12th Summer Academy Dresden
Deadline for applications: 26. Juli 2009

8.-16. August 2009 Radom, Poland
6 days workshop with final presentation at the international Performance Art Festival “Global Communication” in cooperation with Bartek Łukasiewicz
Deadline for applications: 1. August 2009
www.lukasievic.eu /// www.elektrownia.art.pl

1.-10. October 2009 Prague, Czech Republic
10 days workshop with final presentation at the Tina B. Festival in cooperation with Tina B. Festival
Deadline for applications: 15. September 2009

14.-18. October 2009 ‘s-Hertogenbosch, Netherlands
5 days workshop with final presentation in cooperation with Artots
Deadline for applications: 7. October 2009

Further informations about the workshops with BBB Johannes Deimling you can find here.

Application forms can be obtained by contacting bbb@bbbjohannesdeimling.de or by telephone +49 (0)174 14 34 361, as well as by downloading a PDF or Word file on the website www.bbbjohannesdeimling.de


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