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Jan '09


FLUXCONCERT is presenting a two-evening performance of historic Fluxus event scores written by Fluxus pioneer George Brecht.

More info below and at http://www.fluxconcert.org

February 20 & 21, 2009 | 8:00PM
Triskelion Arts
118 North 11th St., 3rd Floor, Brooklyn, NY, USA
$10 | Email info@triskelionarts.org to reserve tickets (highly recommended as seating is very limited)

The show will present over 30 historic performance scripts over the course of two nights written by George Brecht between 1959 and 1966 – many rarely seen in the United States. Brecht introduced the concept of the event score: a performance script that is usually only a few lines long consisting of descriptions of actions to be performed rather than dialogue.

In tribute to Brecht’s recent passing, the evening’s show will weave together an evening of absurdism and humor, breathing new life into these historic scripts ranging from early seminal pieces (Drip Music, Word Event) from his artist book “Water Yam” to later collaborative endeavors with Robert Filliou from their publication “Games at the Cedilla.”

Following are three examples composed by Brecht and to be performed in the show:

“Drip Music” (1959)
For single or multiple performance. A source of dripping water and an empty vessel are arranged so that the water falls into the vessel.

“Three Aqueous Events” (1961)

“For a Drummer, Fluxversion 2” (1966)
Performer drums with sticks over a leaking feather pillow making the feathers escape the pillow.

FLUXCONCERT 20090220-21 is performed by Anthony P. Clune, Andrew Dickerson, Ryan Anthony Donaldson, Joseph Gross, Rick Herron, Ben Kerrick, Joshua Rubin, and Ethan Wagner.

Organized and conducted by Perry Garvin.

More info at http://www.fluxconcert.org


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