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Apr '09

k-salon April 17 Berlin

In cooperation with the estonian art academy Tallinn, Estonia, Schloss Broellin and the k-salon the Performance Art Studies GRASS ‘N ASPHALT led my BBB Johannes Deimling will take part from the 10. – 18. April with eleven international participants. On the 17th of April 2009, at 7 pm we will present the results, which we have developed during the working week in Broellin at k-salon, Bergmannstrasse 54, 10961 Berlin (U-Suedstern). Beside the final performances we will screen videos from the working period at Schloss Bröllin.

Performance Art by: Julischka Stengele, Pilar Talavera, Mai Sööt, Andrus Lauringson, Anna Aua, Eva Labotkin, Olivia Verev, Villem Jahu, Katharina Lattermann, Nadia Safieddine, Danuta Milewska

Friday: 17. April 2009, 7 pm, k-salon, Bergmannstrasse 54, 10961 Berlin, (U-Suedstern) (free entrance)

Further information about the Performance Art Studies with BBB Johannes Deimling you can find here: www.bbbjohannesdeimling.de/workshop.htm .


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