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Jun '09

Border Art Project

Master of fine arts students and recent graduates from the University of California, San Diego have organized the Freephone Art Project, an art installation, at the Lui Velazquez Gallery in Tijuana (funded by the UCSD visual arts department)

“the free phone project fits perfectly into what [Dominguez] and other like-minded artists call “artivism,” in this case using “border disturbance technologies” to explore the social issues raised by the barrier between nations. Providing free telephone service, he says, is a way of making a statement that the border should not be about blocking and walls, but about fostering communication.

And what makes the Freephone Art Project art, rather than simply public service? For Cardenas, a longtime border activist, “it’s part of the trajectory that I’ve been involved in — it uses this strategy of building the world we want instead of asking for it, or waiting for the president to do it.”

The work will become part of an international “aesthetico-political event” coordinated by the Sense Lab at Montreal’s Concordia University.”
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